The Aquadron is a beverage hygiene system that treats raw water, disinfects bottles, provides continuous disinfection in the filler and supplies disinfectant to the CIP. 
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You guarantee flavour and quality, we guarantee that it stays that way!

The AQUADRON produces Innowatech Anolyte, a biocide solution, at the point of use on a just-in-time basis for reliable plant hygiene in the beverage industry.

The AQUADRON coupled with the HyClean Concept can ensure and preserve the product quality of non-alcoholic beverages starting from the raw materials through to the bottled product.  The application of INNOWATECH Anolyte® guarantees the complete elimination of all harmful bacteria and yeasts within a short contact time.

Multiple Uses
The system has a number of uses within the production process - 

Use of Anolyte from the wort procedure up to the bottling 
Wort cooling, yeast tank, fermentation tank, storage and bright beer tanks can all be disinfected with Anolyte supplied through the existing CIP-systems. The simple integration of Anolyte into the existing system allows very short installation times.
Beverage CIP cycle optimisation
Comparison of CIP-Disinfection with bromo acetic acid, peracetic acid and Anolyte
As can be seen above, the use of Anolyte allows the reduction of water and chemical use.  As a result the cleaning and disinfection times are also reduced by around 30%. Additional cleaning steps needed to remove scale (beerstone) layers in the tanks are also redundant. In addition storage, fresh water tanks and borehole water can be included in the disinfection process.

Filling and packing
After the long production process, packaging is the final step where the quality can be compromised by technical deficiencies or inadequate hygiene/ disinfection, allowing secondary infection.  With common disinfection methods, including filler flushing, it is practically impossible to keep the filler germ-free during the running production. With the HyCleanConcept and the targeted use of Anolyte it is possible to maximise microbiological safety during the bottling without any interruption to the production run. This means that economically unwelcome stop times caused by the emptying and filling of the filling plant during line disinfection can be avoided.
Beverage filler cabinet CIP
Comparison of Filler flushing and the HyClean Concept
The HyClean Concept is undertaken during normal operation, this increases the production performance of the filling plant. Our experience in Europe is that a one minute stop of the filler plant costs about €20.  

Use of Anolyte in well water and mains water
Adding Anolyte to the water supply, eliminates all relevant germs, breaks down existing biolms and effectively prevents the formation of new biolms!
Guaranteed Disinfection
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