Legionella Control - Guaranteed
If you want to reduce Legionella risk and save energy then read on.....

Say Goodbye to your Legionella Concerns

We provide cost-effective Legionella control systems for small or large sites.  You get - 
  • Legionella control through the whole pipe system, all the way to the end user;
  • Removal of biofilm from the pipe system;
  • Hot water temperature reduction resulting in significant energy savings and less scald risk;
  • No hazardous chemicals needed or used;
  • Hot and cold water treatment;
  • Compliance with HSG274, HTM 04-01, ACOP L8etc.
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The Aquadron is an easy, dependable, safe and cost effective water treatment system that addresses Legionella and Pseudomonas risks. 

Unlike thermal barriers or periodic Legionella biocide treatment the Aquadron will provide water system disinfection and will actively kill bacteria 24/7 throughout a water system, not just suppress their growth.  The Aquadron system integrates with your Legionella management procedures providing Legionella control and improved safety.
  • Continuous protection
  • Compliant with ACOP L8
  • Effective against Legionella
  • Effective against Pseudomonas
  • Allows reduced water temperatures
  • Replaces periodic treatment
  • Reduces energy use
  • Reduces scald risk
  • Treats water all the way to the outlet
  • Low-cost to operate
  • Can be leased or purchased
  • No hazardous substances
  • Single system can treat multiple water systems
  • Can be used in drinking water
  • Remote monitoring

Safe Alternative to Chlorine Dioxide

The Aquadron is used by people who have Legionella concerns, it is used by people who have had repeat positive Legionella testing and it is used by people who want a non-hazardous alternative to chlorine dioxide.
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Legionella Control the Aquadron Way

We disinfect the whole water system, all of the time, with a cost-effective, non-hazardous biocide to remove pathogens and biofilm allowing you to lower water temperatures save energy.


The Aquadron provides water system disinfection, it produces a cost-effective biocide and doses it into your water system, it kills bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas throughout the entire water system.

As the water system is free of pathogens thermal barriers are no longer required and the water temperatures can be reduced saving energy and money.
The Aquadron produces Anolyte, this is a highly reliable biocide that kills both Legionella and the biofilm that harbours Legionella.
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    Aquadron Legionella Control

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    Treats all of the water system all of the time

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    Uses no hazardous chemicals



Low concentrations of Legionella bacteria can be found in natural waters and ground water everywhere.
Problems arise when a specific sub-set of Legionella Pneumophila bacteria are allowed to multiply in water pipes, fittings, air conditioning systems, air washers, warm water systems, cooling towers, water reservoirs and cooling circuits. Legionella bacteria multiply in warm water systems where temperatures are between 20°C and 45°C, but can survive in temperatures up to 60°C.  In cold water systems they can appear in summer as result of high outside temperatures and when there is poor isolation of the cold water pipes and the temperatures in the piping become greater than 20°C.  The bacteria thrive where there is also a nutrient source and where water flows are low or the water is stagnant.
Legionella and Pseudomonas are increasingly found in care homes, hospitals, schools, day cares, hotels, swimming centres, sports facilities, camping grounds etc. Old and infrequently serviced or infrequently used warm water pipes and tanks carry a higher risk of being a source and support strong reproduction of the Legionella bacteria.
Biofilm plays a key role in the reproduction process, because it protects and feeds the Legionella. The protection of the bacteria by the biofilm is also a reason why methods like thermal disinfection are very often not sustainable and can not solve the problem!
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