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Bacteria in water systems
Bacteria in water systems
Bacteria in water systems
Bacteria in water systems
University of Birmingham Anolyte testing
Analysis of the activity of ‘Innowatech Anolyte’ as a biocide for use in water systems.

Antimicrobials Research Group, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, B15 2TT.

Background:  Innowatech ‘Anolyte’ is a biocide generated in situ as a disinfectant to sterilise water plants. The active agent (pure hypochlorite/hypochlorous acid) has a long history of use as a biocide. This study investigated the comparative activity of Anolyte in killing a panel of representative hospital pathogens and water plant contaminants; Escherichia coli, methicillin resistant S.aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella pneumophilia.

Conclusions: ‘Innowatech Anolyte’ was able to rapidly kill large populations of all bacteria tested in water at the working concentration (0.3 parts per million of free chlorine). Within a 5 min exposure greater than 5-log (99.999%) reductions in viable numbers of all bacteria tested was seen after exposure to ‘Innowatech Anolyte’.  Dilution and addition of organic material resulted in some reduction of activity as is common with chlorine based biocides 

Results: Exposure of all species tested to ‘Innowatech Anolyte’ at recommended working concentrations for water disinfection resulted in a complete kill of all four species when tested in water within a five minute period. This represented a greater than 8 log reduction in viable numbers. 

Methodology: The activity of Anolyte was measured using an adaptation of European standard suspension test EN1276, bacteria were grown in appropriate media and prepared to standard inocula in water before being added to biocides, samples were taken at time points, biocides inactivated and the remaining viable numbers of bacteria enumerated by serial dilution, inoculation onto appropriate agar plates and viable counting. ‘Innowatech Anolyte’ was prepared by New Energy Management Ltd, 

How the Aquadron Addresses Legionella and Pseudomonas
The Aquadron treats all of the water that passes through the system, it does this by proportionally dosing all of the water with Anolyte, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Anolyte passes through the whole system, removing biofilm and killing bacteria, it even works in the shower heads and taps, at a point that is beyond the thermal mixing valves and that is not protected by thermal treatment. This ensures that Legionella colonies can not form in the pipework system.

Once the system has been disinfected it is possible to operate without the thermal barrier, this means that water temperatures can be reduced. This saves energy and money - the net effect is that you get improved water treatment with far higher levels of safety and that the energy savings pay for the system. Click here for details of the potential cost savings.

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