Imagine a future where you don’t worry about Legionella because you know that the whole water system is protected.  A future where your water temperature can be reduced - a future with better Legionella Control and lower energy costs.  Aquadron delivers this future.
This calculator will tell you how much it costs you to maintain your water temperature at a certain level in a circulating water system. The calculator assesses the amount of energy that is used to replace the energy that is lost in circulating the water.  The water temperatures and the flow rate can easily be measured, or an assumption of flow rate can be made based on the pump specification (see below for tips).
For guidance and from our experience - 
  • The water temperature leaving the calorifier is usually between 55 and 65 degrees (though we have seen 45 degrees and we have seen upto 85 degrees).
  • It is usual to lose between three and six degrees between the output and the return - this is heat loss from the pipework and is where the heat loss cost originates.
  • Volume of water pumped - this one is a little harder - we measure this for our clients using an ultrasonic flow meter so that we get an accurate 24-hour picture of water use and water flow.  However, in the absence of our ultrasonic flow meter we would suggest that you looked at your pump specification to determine how much water it can circulate per hour in m3.  You can then assume a % at which it is running (33% or 50% may be a good starting point).
  • Energy cost - for a business you may expect electricity costs of 11p/kWh and gas costs of 4p/kWh.
  • Boiler efficiency - for older gas boilers we believe that 75% is a good assumption, for newer boilers 90-95% can be used.  Electrical heating is theoretically 100% efficient, though there will likely be losses from the calorifier unit.

How Will Aquadron Save Me Money?

Aquadron treats the water, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This means that the water temperature can be lowered.  The more he water temperature is lowered the slower the rate of heat loss.

The benefits to our clients are significant and include - 
  • Improved Legionella control
  • Energy reduction
  • 24 hour treatment of the whole pipework system
  • No hazardous chemicals
We are more than happy to have a look at your site so that you can start to benefit immediately.

Call us now on - 0333 772 0043 or email info@aquadron.co.uk
Note:  The potential saving is based on a number of standard assumptions, these include - 
  • That the water temperature is reduced from 60 degrees to 48 degrees
  • That the ambient temperature surrounding the pipes is 20 degrees
  • That the pipes are 50mm in diameter
  • That pipes are lagged with 25mm of mineral wool insulation
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