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Aquadron Legionella Control System

We believe in effective, safe and efficient disinfection

We deliver - 
      • Improved hygiene - highly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.     
      • Reduced energy and chemical use and costs.
      • Cost effective disinfection.
      • A safe system with no hazardous materials.   
      • Water treatment 24-hours a day.    
      • Treatment for hot and cold water.
The Aquadron provides disinfection at hundreds of sites, it provides it all of the time, with a cost-effective and non-hazardous biocide that is proven to remove pathogens and biofilm.  

The Aquadron is used for many things including - 

Guaranteed Disinfection

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    Aquadron - Guaranteed Disinfection

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    Aquadron - Beverage Hygiene - CIP, Bottle and Cap Disinfection, Water Treatment

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    Aquadron - Legionella Control - 99.999% Legionella and Pseudomonas kill rate, no hazardous chemicals, low operational cost, runs 24 hours a day, treats hot and cold water.

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