Legionella Control In Care Homes

Aquadron - Round The Clock Legionella Protection - Safe, Cost-Effective, Simple
Care homes have a specific set of risk factors that influence Legionella control.  The Aquadron reduces risk to care home residents and operators.
  • Care home residents are at a higher risk with regard to Legionella - 2014 data from Public Health England shows that 84.9% of Legionella occurrences were in people aged over 50.
  • Legionella is more serious in patients with underlying health problems.
  • Care home rooms are occasionally vacant, allowing water to stagnate in pipes.
  • Elderly and infirm people can be at a higher risk of  scalding from hot water.
  • Large energy savings possible.
Care home operators face health and safety, legal, site closure and reputation risks - manage your risk - 
Call us or email us to see how we can help today.
Aquadron provide cost-effective Legionella control systems for large or small sites -
  • Simple and permanent solution that constantly disinfects the water system;
  • Treats the whole pipe system, all the way to the end user;
  • Removes biofilm from the pipe system;
  • Hot water temperature reduction resulting in significant energy savings and reduced scald risk;
  • No hazardous chemicals needed or used;
  • Hot and cold water treatment;
  • Compliance with HSG274, HTM 04-01, ACOP L8etc
What to expect from Aquadron - we provide cost-effective, non-hazardous, water treatment systems that work 24 hours a day to offer continuous water treatment. You can expect prompt, professional and honest advice. If we can help you we will tell you what we can do, how it will help and we will outline the costs and the benefits - Email Us to arrange a call back.
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