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Aquadron Dosing Units - Now available to deliver cost effective, complete and permanent Legionella disinfection  

The objectives of the Aquadron system are to permanently and continuously treat water, with a non-hazardous biocide, to prevent microbial contamination, remove the biofilm and scale that harbour residual microbial communities and to create a permanent microbial treatment system within the water network. 
The Aquadron kills the bacteria and biofilm that are guaranteed to be lurking in your water system.  The Aquadron dosing unit is a cost effective way of treating the whole water system, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system treats the water all the way from the boiler, past the thermal mixing valves and to the user outlets. If needed it can also be used in cold water.

The full Aquadron system is already in use at around 350 sites that have a heavy water use, including hospitals, carehomes, apartments and schools. The dosing units allow us to deliver complete disinfection to all sizes of site in a cost effective manner.

The Aquadron system generates a non-hazardous biocide that effectively treats water, independent testing shows that it kills 99.999% of Legionella and Pseudomonas bacteria within five minutes. The system is also very safe - all the materials are non-hazardous and there are no gas or explosion risks that can be associated with other treatment systems.  

The biocide generated by the Aquadron also removes biofilm from within the pipework system.  This is key as Legionella is not a primary biofilm producer, therefore to colonise a water system it needs Biofilm to provide nutrients and shelter, it is impossible to have a hygienic water system when biofilm is present. Recent electron microscopy work that we have had undertaken shows the materials that are present within water systems, perhaps the most striking of the shots are the biofilm that is present with a shower hose and the bacterial colonies present within a tap – see photos.

It should be noted that the majority of sites rely on thermal treatment to combat Legionella, however, thermal mixing valves prevent shower systems from being treated. This leaves high-risk areas with no protection and is a major oversight on the part of many building operators.

The system provides proportional dosing of Anolyte into hot and cold water systems, the benefits are -
  • The system is designed to treat all the water that passes through the system – this means that all areas of the water system get treated, including areas that are NOT treated by traditional thermal processes i.e. after the thermal mixing valves.
  • The system does not use any hazardous chemicals and there are no gas or explosion risks.
  • Once the water system has been disinfected a thermal barrier is no longer needed – so water temperatures can be reduced, saving energy and reducing scald risk.
  • The system can be installed easily and quickly.
  • The operating costs are low – indeed the water heating energy savings can pay for the operation of the system – this means that you get vastly improved health and safety at no cost!
  • The system is scalable from low to high demand water systems. 
  • The system uses a proportional dosing pump coupled to an impulse flow meter. 
  • Systems can also be fitted with low level alarms and automatic remote signal notification.
  • The system is designed to operate as a freestanding unit and should provide trouble-free operation. 
  • The Anolyte is supplied in a variety of contaminer sizes designed to maximise efficiency, when needed these can be replaced by either your staff or our delivery team. 
  • The system can be used on hot and cold water.
  • The system complies with regulation and guidance such as ACOP L8 Verification.
We are happy to explain how the system works and to detail the benefits and potential for energy cost reduction that the Aquadron dosing system can help you achieve.
Aquadron Dosing Unit
shower hose
Biofilm in a shower hose
Bacteria and biofilm in a tap
Bacteria in a tap outlet
Heat Loss Cost Table
The system is set up and calibrated by our staff. The system should be visually assessed and the effectiveness validated weekly by use of a photometer or test strips, which can be provided by us, this process takes approximately five minutes and forms part of your building QA processes.
Guaranteed Disinfection
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