Safe, Easy, Cost-Effective Disinfection For Legionella Control and Beverage Production

Hundreds of Aquadron users benefit from - 
  • Constant disinfection.     
  • Reduced energy use. 
  • Reduced chemical use.
  • A safe system with no hazardous materials.   
  • Water treatment 24-hours a day.    
  • Treatment for hot, cold and process water.
  • Prompt, professional service. 
The Aquadron provides disinfection at hundreds of sites, it provides it all of the time, with a cost-effective and non-hazardous biocide that is proven to remove pathogens and biofilm. 
What to expect from Aquadron - Aquadron is the exclusive UK partner for Innowatech Gmbh, Europes leading ECA disinfection company.  We provide cost-effective, non-hazardous, disinfection and water treatment systems that work 24 hours a day to offer continuous protection. 

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Aquadron - Winner in the BUILD magazine Facilities Management Awards 2016 -
Best Disinfection Systems Supplier  AND Award for Excellence in Heating & Cooling Systems

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